Thursday, February 26, 2009

A valentines delivery - and thinking about next year.

Henry went for his final developmental clinic at the hospital last week, and while I was there I delivered another chunk of donations I had received. I figured I'd give them out now instead of waiting until next fall.

These are from Kristen over at - preemie hat heaven!!

Lots of little sizes for lots of wonderful little heads.

And here are some more wonderful preemie onesies donated by

And finally, another complete knitted set from my mother in law. The booty is on my finger. The set includes a tiny hat, tiny button down sweater, tiny booties, and tiny gloves.

I honestly tear up every time I hold one of these sets, they are so itty bitty and I am instantly transported to 2 years ago when Henry wore his.

So yes! The thinking has begun to be thunk about next year. I'm planning on asking for donations earlier this year, especially the handmade stuff so people have more time to get things done. So in the next few weeks I'm going to come up with a big master plan of what I want, how I plan to get it, what kind of help I need... and all of that fun stuff. :)
By the way - Henry's appointment went well. He is at the bottom range of normal on everything except gross motor, and he still scores way delayed on that... but looking at the whole picture we're sure he's fine. He is making progress, just seems to be taking is merry old time.
Everything has been delayed for him - everything except his fine motor skills but you KNOW those were going to be good because that involves eating. Nothing gets in the way of his food! But still... he's in weekly speech therapy and we've signed him up for music and dance classes to help encourage his other delays to hurry up already.
Not a day goes by that I don't consider the ramifications of his prematurity, not a day goes by that I'm not extremely grateful for him.... which keeps this nice little charity project right up there with Important Things for Me To Do. :) See you soon!