Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Round Up & News

GRAND TOTALS!!! In 2009, by giving up your time, energy, crafts, discounts, cash, energy, and effort.... you helped me donate the following:

120 thank you cards
3 lamaze developmental toys
26 hand-knit hats
63 homemade burp cloths
16 homemade terry washcloths
9 tag blankets
2 big quilts
5 fuzzy blankets
31 preemie outfits
108 receiving blankets
24 bags of coffee
24 bags of candy
40 votive candles
100 fortune cookies


By the way, if you are on Facebook, you can do a search for "Preemie Presents" and become a fan of my page there. I posted these photos on there a few days ago, so it is a good way to get sneak peaks at things. :)

Now, on to pictures of the Christmas Delivery. :)

The delay has been for two major reasons, one is that I'm 12 weeks pregnant and have been feeling sick as a dog most of the time, with zero energy! Being pregnant again, after it went so badly last time, is really nerve wracking. And it is part of the reason why we're moving to England.

In a few weeks, no less!! We're moving soon so I can quickly get under the care of the doctors there, so my husband can change his job, and so my in-laws can help take care of me and the boys. SO much is changing in 2010 - - but Preemie Presents will remain, rest assured! I'll have to sort some details out, but hope to donate to the hospital where this newest baby will be born, as well as trying to continue to help the nurses to brought henry into the world. So stay tuned (again, facebook is good for that!) - a lot is changing!