Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How You Can Help, 2009 Edition!

Here we go, things are starting to get into high gear. :)
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Some of the handmade items are starting to roll in! Here are some preemie hats, booties & gloves that have been sent to me from a friend in England:

And here is some blanket progress from another friendly donating lady, Belle Maldonado.

Lisa over at the online store Preemie-yums (http://www.preemie-yums.com/) has offered to help with all of the clothing this year, giving me a discount on certain items and matching others. The cash donations I receive will mainly be going here. I took clothing off of the Amazon wish list since they would be full price, and using cash to get discounted items from this supplier is a much better use of your money! :)

And now... for the big list....


Link to this site on facebook, myspace, twitter, your blog. Tell your friends about it. Spread the word and we'll see how far it can go. :)

2. CASH!
The most expensive items are always clothing, but with a discounted provider I can make the money go further. I need to buy 40 outfits in the 5 lb range, but will also need other outfits in the micropreemie size ( for 2-4 lb babies) and will buy as many as I can afford. Money is also going to buy the other goodies such as coffees, chocolates, developmental toys, and other items I've listed.

I need loads of thank you cards. (These have to be sort of specific, so email me for details). I need loads of blankets and hats, in non-itchy materials. I need to find candlemakers who might want to donate. Make something else that you think the parents or nurses might like? Let me know!

The wish list in the top left corner of this apge is for this project's Amazon wish list. The quantities are high on these items, but there are only a few listings. If you want to buy soemthing rather than send money or use paypal, this is a good option. There are things like hand sanitizers, preemie socks, toys, and preemie diapers.

For this afternoon, I'm now off to etsy to send out a trillion messages asking for donated candles, I'm looking for 40 of them!! Wish me luck. ;)