Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Delivery 2009

Thanksgiving delivery! I was having a problem finding the right cord to get my photos, so sorry for the delay in the post. :) If you have become a "fan" of preemie presents on Facebook (just search for preemie presents!) then you'll see a few extra photos. :)

Delivery was perfect, there were a few parents in the unit tending to their super tiny babies and we even got to meet one of the teeny little girls in there. The boys were in awe! But realistically, they were much happier that the nurses were sharing their new bag of Oreos with them. ;) It was really nice that Philip got to give a bag out to some parents himself, he felt very proud about himself afterwards. :)

The bag on the left was Philip's idea, it is filled with nothing but a bunch of drawings for the nurses. :)

And now we're on to Christmas!! I still need some knit hats, and donations (or cash to buy) Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers, socks, candy, and glass tea light holders. So please contact me if you want to get in on the game before Christmas shows up!!

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