Friday, November 20, 2009

A lot coming in at the last minute!!

ARGH with the sideways pictures! Why it only happens in this blog and not my family blog, I do not know! You'll just have to tilt your head sideways for some of these. ;)

So anyway! LOTS to update on! First, I received a shipment of 100 custom fortune cookies from Fancy Fortune Cookies. I was nominated by Theresa for a promotion they are running through their Facebook page, to "grant wishes". I was a wish granted! So I got 50 mint flavored and 50 chocolate flavored, then had them put the following messages on the inside. It took me a while to think of appropriate messages for these parents tending to their vulnerable little babies... I hope these are good! (Go on, tilt your head)

The best things about these fortune cookies are how actually *yummy* they are! Seriously!

I got several fantastic packs of receiving blankets from Robyn, thank you Robyn!!

And here are the offerings from Karista over at Cards 'n' Crafts by Klow. A card maker AND a knitter!! :)

With the first round of cash donations I received when hunting for help this summer, I bought a big lot of preemie clothes from Preemie Yums. They were really wonderful in working with me to give me a really healthy discount on these, so the donated money could go far. I ordered 12 complete outfits and they finally arrived the other day!

I *love* these teeny little outfits, they are absolutely perfect!! Here, my former Preemie (now a chunk-meister who will be turning 3 this winter) sees if the clothes will fit him. Not anymore!!

I also received these ribbon-tie candy bags for filling with candy, thank you Caryn!! Caryn's also got her own etsy shop here: Two Cats Creative

Lysbeth helped me out with a super great coupon, and with more donated money - and help from Lysbeth - we were able to snag these 18 packs of receiving blankets for a steal.

I've also been able to buy a few more little winter outfits, look at how CUTE these feet are!!

And even though they are upside down, I'm sure you can recognize their total cuteness.

Gift assembly is Tuesday!! I have a few more donations I'm picking up on Monday, I'll be receiving all the coffee bags on Tuesday from Bianca who works with Melitta - super yummy coffee to give these parents!!

So I'll be posting more picture early next week, when I get back from a little mini trip this weekend to visit family. :) Thanks everyone for your help!! Thanksgiving is next week... next stop, Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I had two preemies born at 35 and 31 weeks and my husband and I recently did something similar at our NICU. We collected tiny baby clothes, art supplies for the nurses to make signs for families, and snacks for care packages for the families who were in the hospital at Christmas.

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