Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thank You to the nurses

"For every holiday you've spent in the hospital, for every hour of sleep you've missed, for every life you've saved, for every loss you've felt, for every parent you've helped, for every kiss you've given, for every life you've touched, for every hope you've given, and for everyone else who has forgotten to say it or didn't know how.... THANK YOU."

That is what I wrote inside the Thank You note given to the nurses at the NICU/SBCU at our hospital, the nurses who kept Henry alive almost two years ago. Today I am making my first gift deliveries. Gifts to go to the parents who have preemies in the hospital over Thanksgiving. Parents who want more than anything to be thanksful and happy and showing their baby off to the world, but instead are caught worrying and torn between life inside the hospital and the life going on outside those walls.

This website is going to chronicle this gift giving progress, mainly so I stop congesting my family picture site with it. My once-small project has grown into a much bigger one this year, and my hope is that it does nothing BUT grow and that I can help more and more parents each holiday season, and bring a little smile to that many more people who are so hungry for one.

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trish said...

oh goodness, your Thank You note made me cry.

you amaze me, Sara. :)

what a fantastic thing again you are doing!:)