Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today's Delivery - Thanksgiving 2008

Today was the day! The gifts I made with personal and donated items were delivered by hand by Henry, Philip, Catherine & I. Catherine (my friend!) took the palce of my husband, he'll come with me for the Christmas delivery. We spent about an hour in the SBCU (Special Baby Care Unit) chatting with the nurses, looking at babies, showing Henry off, and Philip even got to hand deliver 3 of the bags to mommies who were there with their tiny new babies.

Below are some photos, make sure you click at the bottom to get to all 3 pages of photographs. Next time (at Christmas) I will take pictures of us actually *in* the hospital, which I got too distracted to do today!

I need to pack for our Thanksgiving holiday, which begins tomorrow. When I return I'll post about the next steps, and what we need to do for the Christmas deliveries!! It is going to be good, but I still need TONS of help!

Contents of each bag:
1 bag of coffee
1 chocolate box
1 full sized hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works
1 hand knitted preemie hat
2 pairs preemie socks
1 hand tied bag of hershey kisses
1 envelope of 5-6 handmade thank you cards from Etsy members


And thank you to everyone who helped SO MUCH with these gifts! When I get back from my vacation I'll be sure to include links here to all of you contributors who have shops or blogs! But for now... I SERIOUSLY need to get ready for our trip!! :)


tinybird said...

Yeah!!! I hope those parents feel some special joy from that. I can see the edge of my cards on the very tippy top of the 4th picture :D

gwen said...

You are an inspiration, Sara! With a heart as big as Texas. I look forward to crocheting a bunch of preemie baby blankets for the next donation, and hopefully I can go with you to make the donation. Keep up the great work!!