Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas donations well under way...

Big Update! I am still expecting things in the mail, but this is a look at what I have so far.

Here is a closer look at the 8 preemie outfits donated by These are sweet little unisex white outfits with built in mittens and matching hats, they are Perfect for these bags!

And here is a shot of all the things I have so far.

15 bottles of Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Soap*
15 bags of Hershey kisses tied up in bows
15 pairs of preemie socks (discounted thanks to
8 gift bags
8 outfits (donated by
8 Thank you cards (the ones in the picture are from
Tissue Paper
I am still expecting several things in the mail, including a couple of outfits, some hand knit preemie hats, and the disposable camera & DVD service sets from So that means my new WANTED list looks like this:
At least 5 preemie outfits**
7 more gift bags
At least 70 more Thank You cards
15 mini bags of coffee
15 mini boxes of chocolates
15 mini tealight holders
15 mini candles
So! There is still a ton of things I'd like to get for these Christmas bags! I'll be getting what I can, making what I can, and hopefully a few more people step up to help out a bit for this special holiday project. :) Spread the word!
* I thought I ordered the hand gel, but didn't. My local store doesn't have enough hand gel in stock to trade these in for me, so I'm trying all the other local B&BW and hope to get these all switched out for hand sanitizing gels soon.
** If donations are received quickly enough, I can use money to get clothing discounted through, so those looking to help towards the clothing costs can save money by doing it this way.

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