Thursday, December 18, 2008

Less than a week to go, many more goodies!

I've had another couple of awesome deliveries! I now have very close to everything I need for these bags. To start off, I received more knitted preemie hats, booties, gloves, and a sweater made by my amazing mother in law. This is what her amazing skills did for Henry when he was off for his first doctor appointment after coming home. This is the preemie size, and he's almost 4 weeks old in thie picture.

Here is what she sent for the Christmas bags:

Absolutely AMAZING. And holding them makes me think very much of when my tubby nearly 2 year old was tiny and fragile and new and skinny.

Secondly, I received my package from With donations I was able to buy 10 of these outfits called Sweet Ts. These outfits are geared towards the 2-4 pound baby who won't be out of the hospital any time soon. The parents will still be receiving 2 preemie outfits that the baby will fit into when they are ready to go home, but it didn't seem fair that the super tiny babies didn't get their own clothes while spending time in their incubators.

I have 10 of these sets in non-holiday gender neutral colors, that way they can be used after the holiday season as needed.

Next, I was able to buy the mini bags of yummy coffees.

And I've received several more card packs from the wonderful people over at

Then, my friend Gwen came deliering her crocheted blankets in person, along with some thank you cards and a plate of cookies for my family! The cappucino ones were my favorites. :D

There are 6 of these amazing blankets, all of them different, and all of them very cuddly indeed.

She also added these very sweet little tags to each blanket.

I also have 2 extra fleece blankets to deliver, I love this green polka dotty print.

More recent additions are these glass tealight candle holders, each will have 3 yummy gorgeous smelling tealights included with it.

And finally, I had to go out and buy 15 new MUCH bigger bags to hold all of the donations!! There are 15 blue bags that I'll decorate, and the 2 white bags are to be filled with yummy foods for the nurses in the NICU/SBCU and also for the nurses in the maternity ward.

And for my final picture for now, this is what everything looks like together piled up on the blanket chest in my bedroom. :)

The time is getting near! I need to package the cards and put notes on the front about who made them. I need to make my own cards, 15 of them or maybe 30 if I feel a crazy burst of unexpected energy. I need to make tags to put on the bags that say what is inside and where the gift is coming from. I need to make my cards for the nursing staffs. Philip needs to draw his pictures for the nurses. I need to do all the packing. I need to finish doing the grocery shop for the nurses, though that is almost done.
That is all for now!!

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K Low said...

So exciting to see it all coming together! Hope they delivery goes well.

Thanks for the updates!