Friday, December 5, 2008

A nurse's thanks

This is one of the nurses who cared for Henry while he was in the hospital, she's helping to untangle all of his tubes in this picture so David can have a cuddle. David wasn't able to see his son every day, so these rare cuddles were precious.

I ran into that nurse today while taking my eldest son to school, and of course I had Henry with me. She stopped me to thank me for the presents I had delivered on Thanskgiving. She was on the verge of tears when she was thanking me for my Thank You card, telling me how wonderful it is to hand out presents to the parents there, how much those parents appreciated that someone out there was thinking about them at such a hard time in their lives. She was just so thankful!! :)
And I of course can only take credit for the idea and the leg work, I've had so many people helping me. She was thrilled to hear about what is doing, with their donation of disposable cameras and an accompanying video service to make a beautiful DVD montage of those pictures. Much like David, many people aren't able to see their tiny fragile babies much while they are in the hospital, some of them live too far away. Some of them can't take that much time off work, especially for those who have babies in the hospital for months and months on end. Some have other children at home and can't split their lives enough or maky enough clones to be in two places at once. So the nurses will be able to take photographs in the absence of the parents, the parents will be bale to make a free DVD from those pictures, and they will have an emotional, beautiful momento from an important time in their babies lives they might have missed.
And so I am *SO* looking forward to delivering these with my husband and my two little boys. I am crossing my fingers and toes that I can get enough donations to help fill the rest of the bags up, but now matter what I know these parents will be happy. And that's the whole point. :)
If you didn't see it in the first post, this is what I wrote in their thank you note:
"For every holiday you've spent in the hospital, for every hour of sleep you've missed, for every life you've saved, for every loss you've felt, for every parent you've helped, for every kiss you've given, for every life you've touched, for every hope you've given, and for everyone else who has forgotten to say it or didn't know how.... THANK YOU."


CardsByEmily said...

How precious! Thank you for the excellent updates, and Merry Christmas!


K Low said...

I am still working on hats and hope to have a package in the mail sometime this week. I would like to get a couple more hats done before I send it off. I also have 10 TY's completed that will come with the hats. Thank you for all the pictures and continued information.

gwen said...

I have 6 preemie blankets crocheted, and I am working on #7.
COntact me when you can so we can hook up! You are an angel to be overseeing this project.